What are The Differences between Women’s And Men’s Barefoot Shoes

The fitting of your feet for a traditional sneaker is much distinct from that for a barefoot or minimalist shoe. This is specifically true for Vibram’s five fingers shoes. This is perhaps because of the unusual design of the shoe which accommodates each toe with a separate toe box. With such a design, it is therefore essential that each of your toes will comfortably and securely fit into the corresponding toe box.

The unwarranted space which is usually present at the toe area when you buy conventional running shoes should not be adhered anymore when it comes to barefoot shoes. Since you would be walking or running as if barefoot, it is just exigent that your barefoot shoe will snugly fit each of your feet to fully maximize the experience of minimalist running. It should fit your feet as if you are not wearing any shoes at all.

Unisex Shoes

Nowadays, almost all products in the market today have a section for UNISEX usage and that includes even shoes. Although gender-categorized, conventional shoes are also available for use by either men or women (unisex). This means that both men and women can wear such shoes without eliciting any strange glances from people when going out wearing them. There is not really much distinction for men’s and women’s running footwear like the sneakers and other rubber shoes for other sports activities. However, will this same question holds true when it comes to “barely there” shoes? What are the differences between women’s and men’s barefoot shoes? Is there really any distinction between them?

KomodoSportMens 300x300 What are The Differences between Womens And Mens Barefoot Shoes

Vibram's Komodo Sport Minimalist Shoes for Men

KomodoSportWomens What are The Differences between Womens And Mens Barefoot Shoes

Vibram's Komodo Sport Minimalist Shoes for Women

Basic Difference in Men’s And Women’s Shoes

Basically, there is no difference between women’s and men’s shoes since sizes and colors are even interchangeable for both genders without much difference. However, when it comes to the Vibrant’s five fingers “barely there” shoes, the main peculiarity between men’s and women’s shoes lies in the width and length of the men’s shoe models. Men’s barefoot shoes are much longer and wider than the women’s. If you can not fit into the smallest men’s model therefore, you can just easily pick a women’s smallest model. However, width differences would not be really much of a problem since Vibrant’s Five fingers are made of stretchable fabrics and can thus accommodate comfortably even up to eee sizes.

vibrampink What are The Differences between Womens And Mens Barefoot Shoes

Vibram FiveFingers Komodosport. Got a thing for pink?

Barefoot shoes like Vibram’s five fingers for men’s are available at sizes 40 to 47 sizes while women’s sizes are in the range of 37 to 42 sizes. Should you have sizes that fits within such range, you can just make a pick in either men’s or women’s sizes. There is no prohibition if you’re a woman who wants to buy a man’s fit barefoot shoes or the other way around. However, if you have feet where one is much bigger than the other, you would have a problem buying a pair of snug fit barefoot shoes for your feet. It would be best for you to purchase the size that fits your bigger feet and make some manual adjustments for the pair that has an excess space. You see, Vibram’s does not cater to dissimilar feet sizes or any disfigured toes.


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