Knowing the difference between men and women’s feet

When buying shoes for a woman, you don’t go to a man’s section for footwear to find the most suitable for her. Although it might seem they are structured genetically the same, there is a big difference between men and women’s feet, especially when it comes to shoe needs. Some people might say that women’s feet are just smaller version of a man’s and they could just as easily wear each shoe when the right size fits. However, the difference between men and women’s feet lies much more than what meets the eye. It is important to consider these differences especially when it comes to manufacturing the right footwear for each one. Furthermore, this consideration is also exigent for people to know and understand so that they will be able to make informed choices when buying the right shoes for them.

Shape, size and texture

The male foot is longer and bigger in all quantifiable sizes to that of a female. However, just like many things here on Earth, there is some form of overlapping of features between men and women. In this case, a minority number of women possess masculine feet while a small number of men have feminine-like feet. Women’s feet are generally daintier than men’s. Men’s feet have denser muscle and their skin is much rougher than women’s. This is brought about by hormones. Since females have lesser and finer body hair, their follicles are much tinier and thus, less prominent. This lends to women’s smoother and finer skin texture all over, including that of the feet. Generally, women’s feet are shape sexier and daintier than men’s feet, no matter what angle you look at it.

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Flexibility and suppleness

Another difference between men and women’s feet is that there is less cartilage in between of the women’s feet. Coupled with the general flexibility of a woman’s foot, the female foot is therefore more flexible than a man’s feet. That is why a woman can bend her feet further than most males can, by 45 degrees. You can see this ability well manifested when women dances ballet or wear very high-heeled shoes. No matter the clamor of equality of the sexes, the fact remains that men and women’ bodies are for different intentions. Men’s appendages are longer and denser, to help them with their role of hunters in the beginning of man’s existence in this world. No matter how much a woman trains like a man, she will never achieve the density of muscles as men do.

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Other physical manifestation of foot differences

Other than comparing the length, width and shape of shoes for men and women, there are other not so obvious features that manifest the difference between men and women’s feet. For instance, you can tell the vast difference of the foot of the opposite sex when you look closely at the lateral side of the toe, the ball of the foot and the arch. Women have narrower heel and has higher instep than men’s feet.

Shoe requirements for each gender

Shoe lasts for females should not only be a slim down version of those of male’s shoes. For a given size of shoe, females need slimmer shoes with slighter instep elevation as compared to men’s shoes. Women’s feet are not comparable to men with smaller feet. The anatomy of feet as examined by various researchers yield data, which reiterate the differences between men and women’s feet. Women need shoes that can support their higher arches and calves, broader ankles and calves. Since they have a closer to the ground ankles, they need shoes that provide as much feature.  Women also need narrower shoes to accommodate for their tinier foot figure. That is why you will find large shoe manufacturers; especially the minimalist advocates segregate their product line for men and women.  Vibram’s FiveFingers, VivoBarefoot, New Balance Minimus, and Merrell are offering different minimalist shoes for men and women. They have a particular line of style, color, and design that exceptionally fits women only. Large-scale companies have conducted studies on the difference between men and women’s feet. However, they are keeping the results to themselves for fear of being beaten in the game.

Photos by: bark and mickeysucks

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